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Decades Of Experience In Federal And State-Level White Collar Defense

The level of crime you are charged with matters. Unlike many types of criminal charges, which tend to occur in either state or federal court, white collar crimes are on the books both in Florida and federally. While state-level charges can be serious, federal charges always have the potential to lead to a long prison sentence, and not every criminal defense attorney in Florida is licensed to practice at both levels.

Our two-attorney team at The Kreiss Law Firm has more than 44 years of combined experience defending clients in both state and federal court. We are a boutique firm, which means you work one-on-one with your lawyer, not a paralegal or inexperienced associate. We have handled hundreds of complex white collar cases and work creatively to find positive solutions. We will work diligently until your case is resolved.

Which Level Of Charges Should You Expect?

The facts often dictate if someone suspected of a white collar crime will get charged with a state or federal crime. Generally, federal laws do not apply unless one of the following is true:

  • State lines were crossed.
  • A federal agency was involved.
  • The banking industry was involved.

Whether you should be charged in federal or state court is often controversial. We will not let you get railroaded by prosecutors charging you in federal court. We know what it takes to fight for fair treatment that could lower the stakes significantly. Federal crimes tend to carry harsher penalties than their state-level equivalents. It is vital that you get charged at the level appropriate for what you are accused of doing. Our strategy will include taking on possible overcharging in your case.

Learn More About The Difference Between Federal And State Charges

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