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Diligent Defense Attorneys Against Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

At The Kreiss Law Firm, we have over 44 years of combined experience defending Florida individuals and businesses against charges of mail or wire fraud. Our attorneys combine creative strategizing with a tenacious desire to give you the best possible defense against these very serious charges.

Mail And Wire Fraud Defined

The nature of these white collar crimes has changed over the years as technology has evolved, but the elements have remained the same. Mail fraud is using the United States Postal Service or a private interstate carrier like UPS to further a scheme to defraud another party. Wire fraud means using the telephone, internet or other interstate wire-based system for the same purposes. Both crimes contain the same elements:

  • A scheme to defraud the victim of money or property
  • Intent to commit fraud

A good-faith belief that you were telling the truth can be a defense to wire or mail fraud because it shows a lack of intent. For example, if your employer tells you that an investment opportunity you are offering to customers over the phone is genuine and you reasonably believe that, you lacked intent to defraud and cannot be guilty of wire fraud.

Examples Of These Crimes

Common examples of mail fraud and wire fraud include:

  • Phishing scams: sending victims emails purporting to be from a legitimate source, such as the victim’s bank, to trick them into sharing personal information
  • Investment scam: contacting victims through the mail, email or phone offering them fraudulent investment opportunities
  • Phony online auctions that sell fraudulent or non-existent items

Both types of fraud are federal crimes because they involve interstate communications. Thus, you could face a long term in federal prison if convicted or you plead guilty. But, there may be several options to prevent that outcome. We will carefully examine the evidence, build a unique legal strategy based on the facts and applicable law, and ensure the police and prosecution don’t violate your rights without consequences. We will work closely with you throughout your case and always be available to answer your questions.

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