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Bank Fraud Defense Attorneys

Banks and other financial institutions doing business in Florida have several laws in place protecting them from fraud. If you have been accused of bank fraud, you could be facing years in prison and other severe penalties. At The Kreiss Law Firm, we provide a strong defense against bank fraud charges backed by our combined 44-plus years of experience in white collar criminal law. We work diligently to find creative strategies to confront these very serious charges.

Overview Of Bank Fraud

The elements of the crime of bank fraud are that the perpetrator:

  • Knowingly uses a scheme or artifact to commit theft
  • Defrauds a financial institution, or obtains any money, securities of other property belonging to a financial institution or under its control
  • Obtains the funds under false or fraudulent representations, pretenses or promises

Examples of bank fraud include:

  • Forging checks
  • Using stolen checks
  • Providing false information to a bank, such as on an application for a business loan or credit card
  • Impersonating a bank or bank employee

These cases often end up in federal court, where the penalties for a conviction can be more severe than at the state level. Banks and federal investigators work hard to bring charges against individuals and businesses. At The Kreiss Law Firm, we work equally hard to build a defense strategy that prioritizes your rights and freedom. We have handled thousands of white collar cases on behalf of Florida business owners and individuals, including those accused of bank fraud. Our deep experience in this area of criminal defense gives us an edge when dealing with federal investigators, prosecutors and banks.

We will insist on your rights being honored and work toward a fair and reasonable resolution to your case.

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