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Fight To Regain Your Property After An Arrest

As part of their investigations, police and federal agents operating in Florida often have broad authority to seize cars, cash and other valuable items from private citizens suspected of a crime. If this happened to you, getting your property back might not be easy, even if you are never convicted or even charged with a crime. This is thanks to the controversial concept of asset forfeiture.

However, you may have the right to demand that the government return your private property. Your best chance at success is to work with experienced criminal defense attorneys. At The Kreiss Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we help people across Florida take on civil and criminal asset forfeitures and win. With over 44 years of combined experience, the attorneys at our boutique firm can help you after the authorities seize your belongings.

How Does Asset Forfeiture Work In Florida?

The police have the power to seize any private property they claim is tied to criminal activity, such as a car allegedly bought with money earned through trafficking drugs or identity theft. The department then keeps those assets for itself as a way of funding its services. Even if the owner is never convicted, the police department can claim that the property is tied to a crime and, therefore, subject to civil forfeiture, as opposed to criminal forfeiture, which Florida law only allows after the owner has been convicted of a crime.

The process of retrieving your property after civil forfeiture can be complicated. We help you navigate the system to avoid mistakes and give you the best possible chance of regaining your valuables. We always take a creative approach to every case we accept so that you get a strategy unique to yourself and your situation. We will fight until your claim is resolved.

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