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Florida Tax Evasion And Fraud Defense Lawyers

Tax evasion and tax fraud are serious charges that could be leveled against virtually anybody in Florida. A conviction could mean prison time as well as huge financial penalties and a felony record that affects the rest of your life. If you have been charged with tax fraud or tax evasion, you need a white collar defense attorney who is prepared to help you with taking on the IRS and seeking a fair outcome.

At The Kreiss Law Firm, we help Florida taxpayers accused of tax evasion or tax fraud defend themselves. With more than 44 years of combined experience, we are a high-quality, two-attorney team that combines the personal touch of a boutique white collar defense law firm with the resources of a larger firm. We work tenaciously for each of our clients to protect their rights and avoid an unjust verdict.

The Difference Between Tax Evasion And Tax Fraud

Tax fraud and tax evasion might sound similar, but they are two separate acts under federal law. Tax evasion is intentionally not paying your full income tax bill, either by paying less than you owe or nothing at all. Tax fraud involves some intentional falsehood that appears to reduce what you owe. The difference can be subtle but makes a huge difference. For one thing, tax evasion can be a civil action, in which prison is not a possibility, as well as a criminal charge.

Examples of tax fraud include:

  • Failure to report income
  • Exaggerating tax-deductible charitable donations
  • Claiming tax-deductible business expenses as personal and vice-versa
  • Using a false Social Security number

We have helped hundreds of clients accused of tax fraud, evasion or both. Whatever the facts of your case, you could have options for staying out of prison and getting the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. We can take the most complex tax cases and work out a strategy tailored to you.

Facing Tax Fraud Or Tax Evasion Charges?

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