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We Know How To Defend Against Identity Theft Charges

In the modern age, identity theft is a growing issue. As lawmakers, police and prosecutors grow increasingly aggressive in their fight, you need to know what identity theft means and what to do if you have been charged.

At The Kreiss Law Firm, our team has the experience and skill to combat highly technical charges like identity theft. Our attorneys have more than 44 years of combined experience in criminal defense at both the state and federal levels, and they work tirelessly to provide smart and creative defenses to the most complex charges. As a boutique, two-lawyer firm, we give you the personal attention that attorneys at larger firms cannot.

Identity Theft Overview

Identity theft is the use of another person’s personal information for personal gain. With so much personal data, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and addresses, used for online banking and purchases, identity theft is increasingly an internet crime. Examples of identity theft include:

  • Financial identity theft: posing as another person to obtain credit or services in the victim’s name
  • Medical identity theft: using another person’s data to get medical care that is charged to the victim
  • Tax identity theft: filing a tax return in another person’s name to get their tax refund

Evidence for identity theft charges usually comes from the hard drive of a computer or other device with internet access. Digital forensics is the science of recovering, interpreting and organizing electronically stored data, including deleted files. We work with some of the leading digital forensics scientists in Florida to help get a clear picture of whether someone’s identity was stolen and by whom. Our lawyers’ familiarity with the latest developments in cyber law will help them build the strongest possible case in your defense.

Learn More About Our Identity Theft Defense

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