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Health Care Fraud Defense In Fort Lauderdale

Health care law in the U.S. is a complex web that few people understand completely. A charge of defrauding Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance can lead to prison and a felony record that follows you for life. You need clear guidance from a defense attorney who is experienced in this complicated area of the law.

At The Kreiss Law Firm, we are white collar crime defense attorneys with more than 44 years of combined experience. We represent health care providers and others who are charged with health care fraud or under investigation. These cases often involve millions of dollars and potentially long prison terms. As your attorneys, we will work tirelessly to confront the charges with creative strategies designed to preserve your rights and give you the most favorable outcome possible.

Billing Practices And Criminal Charges

Health care fraud cases often revolve around allegedly improper billing. The defendant might be accused of billing Medicaid, Medicare or a private insurance company for tests or procedures performed on a patient that were not medically necessary. In other cases, the provider never performed the billed items at all. Other cases involve overcharging for medication or medical devices.

Whether a billing was for a legitimate and covered purpose is not always clear at first glance. We have the resources to conduct a thorough investigation of the prosecution’s evidence and things it might have missed. We will prepare a detailed defense based on the evidence, the law and your needs. We will work relentlessly until your case is resolved. You can call or email us whenever you have a question or need an update.

Free Consultations

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